Upcoming Events

SCP Weekly Tea Hour

The SCP organizes a weekly tea hour! Join us in CODA 9th Floor South wing every Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm for tea, snacks, and the company of your peers!

Past Events

Faculty Panel - Failing Your Way to Success

We organized a panel on “Failing Your Way to Success in Grad School”. This panel consisted of panelists Prof. Vivek Sarkar, Prof. Michael Bailey, and Prof. Ahmed Saeed, and was hosted by Prof. Paul Pearce. Our panelists discussed the different failures students ofen encounter in their grad school journeys, and how to overcome these.

Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Dilma Da Silva

We organized a fireside chat with esteemed GT alum, Dr. Dilma Da Silva, who is the Division Director for Computing & Communication Foundations at NSF, and a Professor at Texas A&M University. This chat was hosted by Prof. Ada Gvarilovska, and was attended in-person by 40+ SCS/SCP graduate students.

Cochran Shoals hike on Nov 4

The SCS  GSA Organised a morning hike along the beautiful Cochran Shoals trail on the morning of November 4. We were joined by 30+ MS/PhD students on this wonderful event.

SCP Hangouts 1 - Saman Zonouz and Michael Specter

We inaugurated the brand-new SCP Hangouts series. Our first event was a panel discussion with the latest SCP faculty, Prof. Saman Zonouz and Prof.Michael Specter. This was an enjoyable session of idea sharing, and SCP grad students were able to acquiant themselves with their newest faculty.

SCS Hangouts 1 - Josiah Hester and Anand Iyer

We kicked off the first event of the SCS Hangouts series. This was a panel discussion with the newest SCS faculty, Prof. Josiah Hester and Prof. Anand Iyer

Ph.D. Welcome Event

We organized a welcome event for the new Ph.D. admits in the School of Computer Science/School of Cybersecurity and Privacy. This fun-filled event was attended by 400+ individuals including grad students, faculty, staff, and their families.

Past Years