Graduate Executive Team

Our team strives to improve the graduate school experience for students of SCS, foster inclusion, sense of belongingness and community among the students.

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Harshit Daga


Harshit Daga is a final year Ph.D. student in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, advised by Ada Gavrilovska. His research interests are in the area of distributed systems and edge computing, with a focus at creating systems for machine learning in resource constrained edge environments. He was awarded the 2020 Georgia Tech Danielle McDonald Legacy for his various initiatives that provided numerous platforms to the diverse graduate population and his work to address the growing student well-being and mental health concerns around the Tech campus. He was also a 2020 Faces of Inclusive Excellence honoree and 2019-21 Leadership Fellow at Georgia Tech.

Harshit Daga

Vice President 

Bhuvesh Kumar is a fourth year PhD student in Computer Science advised by Jacob Abernethy and Jamie Morgenstern. His research area is theoretical computer science with focus on theoretical machine learning and mechanism design.

Harshit Daga

Events Chair

Manasvini Sethuraman is a second year CS PhD student working with Dr. Kishore Ramachandran, in computing systems. I enjoy reading, biking and cooking.

Harshit Daga


Sharjeel Khan is a third-year PhD student in Computer Science with concentration in Programming Languages and Compilers. His research leverages machine learning and deep learning algorithms for improving program analysis and program verification techniques. Aside from research, he is trying to get my Tech to Teaching Certificate and has been a Grad Group Leader for the past 2 years. He is the current Treasurer for the SCS GSA. Outside of Tech, he enjoys walks, watching new TV shows, and playing both video games and board games with friends.

Harshit Daga

Student & Faculty Affairs Chair

Mehrdad Ghadiri is a second year PhD student in the area of theoretical computer science. He is advised by Santosh Vempala. He is generally interested in all the areas of computer science and math, and more specifically in optimization and its applications. He is also a Borealis AI graduate fellow 2019.

Harshit Daga

Student & Faculty Affairs Co-Chair

Anirudh Sarma is a second year PhD student in Computing Systems. He is advised by Dr. Kishore Ramachandran. His research interest lies in the area of Edge Computing with a focus on optimizing Edge-centric data plane mechanisms.
In his spare time, Anirudh loves to hike, play video games and bake bread (despite being bad at it).

Harshit Daga

Communications Chair

Fabian Fleischer is a first-year CS PhD student at the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy. His research focus lies on system security and, in particular, on mobile security and binary analysis.
If he finds the time, he enjoys various kinds of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and running.

Harshit Daga

Communications Co-Chair

Dhruv Kuchhal is a third year PhD student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, working in computer security and advised by Dr. Frank Li.

Harshit Daga

Alumni Liaison

Thaleia Dimitra Doudali is a final year Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, advised by Ada Gavrilovska. Thaleia’s research interests are broadly in the area of systems, with a focus at the intersection of machine learning and systems. Her dissertation research adds machine learning to the resource management of heterogeneous memory hardware and part of it has been recognized as a best paper award finalist at HPDC ‘19. Thaleia was selected to participate in the prestigious 2020 Rising Stars in EECS workshop. At Georgia Tech, Thaleia is a founding member of the SCS Graduate Student Association, has served as an executive board member for the Hellenic Society cultural organization, and has shared her advice at the Illuminate Tech inspirational talk series. Thaleia is passionate about mentorship, mental health advocacy, dance and photography.