Graduate Executive Team

Our team strives to improve the graduate school experience for students of SCS and foster inclusion, belongingness and community among School of Computer Science students.

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Harshit Daga


Vaibhav Bhosale is a third year PhD student working with Prof. Ada Gavrilovska and Dr. Ketan Bhardwaj. His research focus lies on developing systems and networking infrastructure for Low-Earth Orbit Satellite systems.
Outside research, he enjoys hiking, playing badminton, and questioning his decision to support Manchester United.

Harshit Daga

Vice President 

Grant Williams is a fourth year PhD student in the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy working with Prof. Paul Pearce. His research is focused on network security, network measurement, and Machine Learning applications in security.

When not building (overly?) complicated ML models to do simple things, Grant enjoys reading old books, hiking, biking, board games, and playing tug with his dog.


Student & Faculty Affairs Chair

Communications Chair