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Highlight Initiative




Graduate school life has its share of ups and downs, and it is not only important to come out stronger from the lows, but also to value and celebrate the good moments. Therefore, we want to provide a medium for researchers at the School of Computer Science (SCS) to share and appreciate their good news with all of us. Our goal with this initiative is to provide encouragement by advertising the achievements of our community members, while also increasing awareness and networking opportunities within our school.


We want to highlight what is important to our research community. The initiative is open for grad students, faculty, staff, and research scientists. Our focus is on the students, and SCS focuses on faculty and research staff. We invite you to let us know about what you are proud of. In particular, we aim for successes like:

  • Research papers that have been recently accepted, or are to be presented at a top venue in their area (short/full journal/conference).
  • Awards granted for academic or research achievements.
  • Research covered by the media — print or otherwise. We want to share and amplify it for you.
  • Receiving a fellowship (tuition coverage and stipend) such as the Google Fellowship.
  • Accepted research grants.
  • Employment after your graduation from the PhD program. We are happy to share this, so feel free to let us know once you accept a full-time position after graduation.

Your personal highlight is not on the above list? Please submit it anyway and we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.

How to get your highlight featured?

We would love to hear from you! We have created a form where you can submit all the details of your highlight. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can draft a post about your highlight. We will ask you for additional information if we feel that might be helpful for the story. We will publish the highlight via email in the SCS community but we can also tweet about it from our official Twitter account if you wish so.


Please fill up the form here: (Requires GT Account login.)



If you want to reach out to us concerning the SCS Highlight Initiative or have questions about your specific highlight, please send us an email at Of course, we are also happy to hear your feedback on this initiative, be it positive or suggestions for improvement.

We hope you find this initiative valuable and look forward to hearing from you!



  1. How will you share the highlight? We plan to send weekly or bi-weekly emails within the SCS. Depending on the number of highlight submissions, the frequency will be adjusted. Additionally, we can share the story on Twitter if desired. We are also working on publishing selected stories on our website.
  2. My highlight is not on the list. Can I still submit it? Yes, please submit it! We will review it and add it to the highlights if possible. We aim to share whatever is important to you.
  3. What is the timeline for my submitted highlight? We aim to share the highlight within 14 days of the submitted form. We will create a posting about your highlight based on the information you provide on the form. Please include all important information!
  4. Who can submit their highlights? Even though our primary focus are students, we will share highlights of everyone connected to SCS.